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Featured Room Dividers
Rustic Room Divider Screen
Regular Price:$350.00
Sale Price:$200.00
Metallic Leaves Room Divider Screen
Regular Price:$240.00
Sale Price:$150.00
Metallic Wine Holder Divider Screen
Regular Price:$409.00
Sale Price:$190.00
3-Panel Contemporary Room Divider Screen
Regular Price:$250.00
Sale Price:$150.00
3-Panel Modern Room Divider Screen
Regular Price:$390.00
Sale Price:$190.00
3-Panel Portable Room Divider
Regular Price:$275.00
Sale Price:$180.00
3-Panel Metallic Room Divider Screen
Regular Price:$421.00
Sale Price:$245.00
3-Panel Metallic Privacy Room Divider
Regular Price:$340.00
Sale Price:$230.00
Metal Olive Leaves Folding Room Divider
Regular Price:$275.00
Sale Price:$190.00
Metallic Leaves Entwined Folding Screen
Regular Price:$255.00
Sale Price:$212.00
Modern Metal Privacy Divider Screen
Regular Price:$275.00
Sale Price:$195.00
Modern Abstract Room Divider Panel
Regular Price:$325.00
Sale Price:$200.00

Its always a nice feeling when you have a decorative tool which u know cant break if it falls. Metal room dividers are of similar nature. As these are metallic so there are no chance of it breaking down in case it falls this you normally dont associate with glass room dividers.

We provide you with highly decorative metal room dividers. Metal room dividers provide an elegant look to your home and they are easy to store and all easily suitable with plants. Metal room dividers partitions are the best if you want to create space in your home, offices or other work places. So if u want high quality metallic room dividers just give us a chance to impress you.

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